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As stated earlier, Marie Nieves, a student and lifestyle blogger, wrote a guest post for Out of Office Org regarding 6 Trips to take with your Significant Other. Below, she outlines her Top 6 recommended destinations for a trip with your significant other.

Some say you don’t really know a person until you travel with them. We’ve all been there before – you’ve known someone for years only to see that friendship fall apart as soon as you spend a few days together on a trip. Unfortunately, this is even more relevant when it comes to dating. Needless to say, we have come up with 6 amazing destinations that might just be what you need to see if the person you love is really ‘the one’.


Corsica, France
Every couple dreams of visiting Paris. However, if you want to spend more quality time with your partner and do less sightseeing, Corsica might be the destination you are looking for.  You can dine at restaurants such as A Casarella, while enjoying the amazing view of seaside hills. For those history buffs, you and your partner can check out the house Napoleon spent 9 years of his life in.

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Gallipoli, Turkey
Gallipoli is home to one of the biggest battles in World War I. Now, this may not seem like the ideal location for a romantic getaway, but if you’re interested in history and architecture this is the place for you. Gallipoli is full of art and history museums as well as dated buildings you have to check out. Additionally, if you and your partner exhaust museum hopping, you can always visit some of the beaches located 10 minutes away from the famous, historical sites.


Rome, Italy
There is no doubt Rome is one of the world’s most exciting cities. Exploring the ancient remains of Roman civilization is a great activity to indulge in. Nestled in the middle of Rome is the beautiful Vatican City you simply have to visit. There are plenty of restaurants that offer amazing food and with all the fountains, parks and stunning art, the entire city simply oozes with romance.


Tenerife, Spain
Tenerife is a perfect getaway for couples who want to relax and indulge in a bit of nightlife. There are both secluded beaches and more popular beaches with bars, restaurants, and parties. Not to mention there are attractions such as La Laguna, Siam Park and Loro Parque which are perfect for couples who want to spend some time alone with each other. If you’re looking for great food, make sure you check out restaurants such as Monte Christo and Casa Tagoro.

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New Orleans, USA
If you have always wanted to visit the USA, now is the time to do it. The city of jazz is one of the most romantic locations in the U.S., and you and your sweetheart are guaranteed to have a great time. With Victorian architecture, the Garden District looks as if it was specifically designed for couples on romantic trips. Also, you can visit the city’s oldest neighborhood known as the French Quarter which is full of many beautiful and significant buildings.

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Tikehau, French Polynesia
Another magnificent place you and your partner should consider visiting is Tikehau in French Polynesia. This part of Tuamotu Archipelago is absolutely perfect for couples looking to spend some time alone. You can stay at the beautiful Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort and spend some time in your bungalow or villa. If you want to indulge in a more active lifestyle while traveling, you can take a boat ride along the coast or go diving.

About the Author

Marie Nieves is a student and a lifestyle blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. She is an avid lover of photography interested in interior and exterior design and regular author on several blogs.

You can find Marie on Facebook or follow her on Twitter, G+ and Pinterest.


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