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Why your next Beach Vacation will be in South Texas

May 1, 2017 3 Comments


“Todo, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas Texas anymore…”

South Texas isn’t necessarily the first place that pops into mind for a beach destination for many. Sure, there is the infamous South Padre for Spring Breakers and local beaches along coastal cities like Corpus Christi or Portland, but other than that, these are few and far between. More often than not, when people think of Texas, pictures of tumble weeds, cowboys, and hot weather drown out potential for anything else.


Last weekend, my family held our second annual Beach Vacation at Cinnamon Shore in Port Aransas, Texas. Cinnamon Shores is an adorable beach house community nestled behind the sand dunes along the Gulf Coast of Texas. The tight knit community offers a plethora of activities for couples and families alike. Whether you visit for a relaxing beach vacation or are heading that way to indulge in coastal activities, Cinnamon Shore is my #1 recommended place to stay.

Cinnamon Shore Rental Properties Kiera PoolMy family strategically planned this year’s reunion around the Texas SandFest, where sand sculptors from all over the world showcase their talents in the Gulf Coast sands (rain or shine!) This is truly an amazing event to see, and it is all within (an ambitious) walking distance or a <5 minute drive away from Cinnamon Shore! Check out the 2017 winners from SandFest here.

If you are unable to make events around the Port Aransas or Corpus Christi area, fear not! Cinnamon Shore hosts its own community based events as well. Celebrate the 4th of July and Labor Day at Cinnamon Shore or attend two of their custom community events: STOMP Winter Festival and Santa’s First Shop. Each unique community event showcases a different aspect of what Cinnamon Shore has to offer. Whether that’s watching fire works along the beach on the 4th of July or stomping grapes & sampling wine at the STOMP Winter Festival, Cinnamon Shore won’t disappoint. If this peaks your interest, you can learn more about Cinnamon Shore’s amazing events here.

Aside from the many events they offer, the coastal community is home to two, beautiful pools, each a few steps away from the beach. On the community lawn, watch a movie or head over to the volleyball court to play a few sets before roasting s’mores at the fire pit. The community also has live music from time to time outside of their renown Lisabella’s Restaurant. If you’d like to engage in a more private getaway with your significant other or family, rent a movie or fishing equipment from the reception. You can also hire bicycles and golf carts to quickly maneuver from one side of the community to the other.

If I haven’t already sold you on the community yet, let these beautiful, beachfront homes do the talking.  Rental properties at Cinnamon Shore range from 1-2 bedroom condominiums to 6 bedroom, three story homes that sleep anywhere from 10-20 people.  Each property is fully furnished with beach themed interiors and a full kitchen, ensuring total immersion for an ideal beach getaway.

These incredible homes are each unique in their own way, like this three story beauty:

Cinnamon Shore Rental Properties

and this one (yes, this is a rental home!):

Cinnamon Shore Rental Properties

The crystal clear skies and hum of the beach waves set the perfect scene for these soft pastel painted properties.

Cinnamon Shore Rental Properties

They slightly remind me of Full House and the Painted Ladies in San Francisco!

Cinnamon Shore Rental Properties

The properties are each within walking distance from the beach and pools. However, if you prefer to move around the community more quickly, I suggest renting a golf cart or a few bikes. You won’t regret it, especially if the Texas heat is too hot to handle when attempting to walk everywhere!

Cinnamon Shore Private Beach

We took the golf cart for a spin each morning, arriving just in time to see the tail end of the sunrise and hit the beach before the rest of the residents woke. The beach is accessible at all times of the day, and Cinnamon Shore residents and renters have access to their own private beach.

Cinnamon Shore Private Beach

Cinnamon Shore Private Beach

On our way back from the beach, we always stop at one of Cinnamon Shore’s two gorgeous pools: Dune Pool or Kiera Pool. My personal favorite is the Kiera Pool, which is accompanied by a cafe, a fitness center, and a gorgeous view!

Cinnamon Shore Kiera Pool

Cinnamon Shore Kiera Pool

Kiera Pool was our all time favorite while staying here. The pool sits on top of Lake Gavin and is surrounded by breathtaking beach houses.

Cinnamon Shore Kiera Pool

Cinnamon Shore Kiera Pool

Cinnamon Shore Kiera Pool

Cinnamon Shore Kiera Pool

After spending the day indulging in both the beach and the pool, we headed back to the house to freshen up and prepare the fire pit for s’mores. Having a golf cart and bikes allowed us to do this freely, granting my family and I the ability move quickly between the pool, the beach, and the house comfortably.

Cinnamon Shore fire pit

Cinnamon Shore allows you to rent the fire pit for an evening and supplies the logs, fire-starter, matches, and skewers. However, you must provide your own s’mores materials. We tend to get a little creative with our s’mores and definitely didn’t mind supplying our own ingredients! I squeezed a Reeses into mine to add a bit of flare to the old s’mores combo below!

Cinnamon Shore Fire Pit - Smores

Although this was only our Second Annual trip to Cinnamon Shore, our stay leaves behind warm memories and I cannot wait to get back. I love this beachfront community as it is centered around family, friends, and fun. Cinnamon Shore does all that it can to ensure a luxurious stay for families and couples alike, and with it’s rapidly growing community, there is no doubt we will continue to make this a tradition in years to come.

Cinnamon Shore Kiera Pool


  1. Lauren

    May 2, 2017

    Wow this looks incredible! I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and never seen anything like this! Great idea for a little weekend getaway when I don’t want to go to far away. Thanks

    • meg_kline@hotmail.com

      May 3, 2017

      Thanks Lauren! You have to visit. Cinnamon Shore is incredible!

  2. Mary Kay

    May 19, 2017

    SOoooo well presented! I definitely would want to check out these digs. Thanks for taking the time, the pics and the clarifying of what’s available. I loved the presentation. Mk

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