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Moody Gardens

Galveston Paddlewheel Boat Party

June 15, 2017 1 Comments

Last Sunday, I had the chance to enjoy a joint graduation party for a close friend of my boyfriend. We were told we needed to be at the Moody Garden’s dock promptly at 1:30 to board the boat. Β Little did we know, we were about to spend the next few hours cruising around the bay and celebrating on an old Galveston Paddlewheel Boat!

Moody Gardens

Although the area was cloudy, the heavy heat did not weigh us down or keep us from enjoying the cruise! The boat held around 100 individuals there to celebrate, but can accommodate much more. It was a lovely celebration, full of family, friends, and delicious foods.

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse

The happy graduates were celebrating their hard earned degrees from rival state schools: Texas A&M University and The University of Texas at Austin. Their family officially has a “House Divided” (you Texas folks will know what I mean!)

Texas Cookies and macaroonsThe festive foods and decor made the perfect opportunity to try out my new Canon EOS 80D 50mm lense! This lens is perfect for those close ups and an artistic take on portraits.

After the chatter and food, the speeches began. Family and friends toasted to the new graduates: one celebrating his Bachelor of Science and the other a Doctorate. After the speeches, we went on to explore the rest of the Paddlewheel Boat.

Standing three decks high, the boat was pushed along by a vibrant red, wooden wheel, of which I had seen nothing like before.

Paddleboat Paddle

Once we heard that someone spotted dolphins, which regularly follow the boat around, we ran up to the top deck to see whether the rumors were true. Unfortunately, we did not see any ourselves as the water was a bit cloudy due to the overcast weather but nonetheless, the fresh air on the top deck was refreshing and the view of the Moody Garden’s pyramids so neat to see!

Moody Gardens Paddleboat & Texas Flag Paddleboat Gift Shop - Galveston Paddlewheel Boat

Because it recently rained and the air was humid and heavy, being on the top deck had an eerie aura to it – almost like we were aboard a ghost ship!

When we realized we were about to dock, we headed back down to the main deck and enjoyed the last of the graduation cake and photo booth. Being aboard the Galveston Paddlewheel Boat was such a neat experience, as I have never been on one before. If you are ever planning a large event in the area, hosting it on the Galveston Paddlewheel Boat would be a fun and unique experience for all of your guests. Read more about the Colonel Paddlewheel Boat in Galveston here.

Boat Bar - Galveston Paddlewheel Boat

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