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Guest Post: Confessions of a Lunch Break Blogger

June 22, 2017 Comments Off on Guest Post: Confessions of a Lunch Break Blogger

Let me tell you, this ‘making a blog’ thing took me almost 4 years to actually get moving. I, like many of you, lead a busy life: after work commitments, spending time with friends and family, working long hours, nurturing a relationship with my boyfriend, traveling, etc. All of these things take time, occasionally time that I just don’t have. But when I finally got my heart set on starting my dream blog, I knew that I needed to find time during my week to set aside for it. However, I honestly couldn’t think of when I’d have the time. So, I decided to block out my schedule, noting what times I am doing what activities and on what days. I know, it sounds super dorky, but it actually did the trick! I had completely forgotten about my daily hour lunch breaks, which could quickly add up to 5 hours a week. So I set out to make my blog, utilizing only my daily lunch breaks.

Now this isn’t an undertaking for the faint of heart, but I truly think that anyone can start a blog, regardless of how busy their schedule is. The whole idea is to capitalize on the free time that you do have and use it wisely; for me, my lunch break was always the largest chunk of uninterrupted time during the day. This is why I constantly refer to my blog as a “Lunch Break Blog” because it has been built within the confines of my lunch break. After about three months of practice, here are some of my favorite tips for the ultimate “Lunch Break Blog”.

Crunch Time

It’s important to start off your blog knowing exactly how much time you have available to commit to it. Realistic expectations are always extremely important, especially with a brand new blog. Personally, I usually have almost every lunch hour and probably an evening (tops) during the week of time available. Knowing this helped me to determine that I would probably start out with about a post a week, give or take, depending on my schedule.

Schedule Conflicts

Like I was saying above, some weeks can be crazy while other weeks can be completely calm. This past week, I traveled for almost half of the week, which required that I schedule my newest post to post while I was out of town. This meant that I had to sacrifice a little bit of time the weekend before (which I don’t normally do) in order to get all of my ducks in a row for vacation.

Keep a list

Because I have an extremely random mind and get inspiration during some of the oddest times, I always keep blog idea lists on my phone. This allows me to keep a running list of ideas in a central place. In addition to that, I downloaded Google Docs onto my phone so that I could just start writing posts whenever the mood strikes. When you are working from 9 to 5, some of the best ideas can come to you when you’re not even paying attention: during lunch, a conversation with a coworker, bathroom breaks (yes, it’s awkward but it’s the truth). It’s important to take as much advantage of this digital age as we can so that we can accomplish everything that we want to, hence Google Docs. I have other blogger friends that have downloaded voice recording apps for notes, which would also work.

Avoid Distractions

It’s important to make that one hour a day count, so put away those distractions! For me, I put some headphones in, music on, phone on silent and just go! I think you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done and how quickly the time will fly while you are diligently working away.

Be Authentic

Use your own life as a source of inspiration for your blog. Not only will this make for a quick post, but it will also inspire many posts that people will find extremely relatable. I was just telling a group of my blogger friends today that the Adventures of a Wandering Woman is largely based on me: things that have happened in my life; things I’m interested in; things I think I would like to know if I were reading a blog. Sometimes I’m in the middle of having a huge crisis and think, dang this would make for a great blog post. Other times, I’m researching for a trip and find information I think my readers would like. My blog is all about me connecting with my readers, so being the most authentic version of myself is extremely important.

To truly get my blog up and running, it took almost a month. I took my lunch breaks to research hosting platforms, website builders and domain names, finally landing on what I have now. I had also been developing my areas of focus for my blog and had picked a theme, although this still seems to be an ongoing process three months later. What you’ll find is that most things are an ongoing process when your blog is less than a year old. But the great thing about that is that at least you’ve started — I would bet $100 that almost every person has debated starting a blog, but you actually DID! And you did it only using an hour a day, even better!

Let me ask you this: how long do you spend on your blog every day? Would you be willing to give an hour of undivided attention to it daily and then spend the rest of the day living you life?

I dare you to give it a try and see how much more fulfilling your life would be.

Kate Post is the woman behind the wandering on her blog, The Endless Adventures of a Wandering Woman, where she focuses on the life of a typical 20-something professional who has a lust for travel. With a fiancé, a full-time job and social life, she explores the truths about trying to balance a typical life with her wandering instinct. Be sure to check out her latest posts on her website http://www.adventuresofawanderingwoman.com or see photos of her latest adventures at her Instagram page.