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Hiking the Hoodoos

November 13, 2016 7 Comments

Towards the end of our Calgary Trip, we decided to travel East towards the Hoodoos. We left Banff for the Badlands and headed towards a tiny town called Drumheller where the dinosaurs once roamed.

Wandering the Badlands, we found the Hoodoos to be mesmerizing. The evidence of time and erosion came to life with the rocks’ multicolored layers ofย sediment. It was nothing like anything I’ve seen before. Mother Nature’s mysterious ways were clearly at work.


The Hoodoos, Drumheller, Alberta


The Hoodoos are nestled between mounds of sedimentary rock, eroded by wind and water for millions of years. The smooth, sandy colored rock fenced below were once Hoodoos thatย were gradually shaven down due to human contact over years. In fact, my friend had a picture in this exact location 10 years earlier where the small white bumps were once the tall, multi-colored rock formations with the flat caps. It is amazing how time can change Nature, for better or worse.


The layers and colors of the rocks were hypnotizing, and even pictures can’t capture it’s true beauty!






We wandered around the badlands for about an hour before heading back to our vehicle for another 2.5 hour drive back to Calgary for the night. I would highly recommend visiting the Hoodoos just outside of Drumheller, even if you are not a geography nerd! It is fascinating.




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    November 13, 2016

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      November 13, 2016

      Thank you, I appreciate it!

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    November 13, 2016

    Great pictures!

    • Out of Office Org

      November 13, 2016

      Thank you!

  3. Paige Wunder

    November 13, 2016

    So cool! I love hoodoos and other funky rock formations!

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    November 15, 2016

    Love it, Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait for your next post.

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