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Holy Cow! Announcing my first trip to…

April 27, 2017 1 Comments

India International Trip Travel

It’s that time again! Time for another International Trip! The travel bug continues to bite and I’m off again. This time however, I’m beyond excited to announce that I will be visiting a new country that has been on my mind for quite some time now. This country is home to a whopping 1.2+ billion people, the second largest in the world, and produces 70% of the worlds spices. Can you guess where I’m heading to next?

In exactly one month from today, I will be landing in India for the first time! I cannot begin to tell you the mix of emotions I’ve felt over the past few months. It is a roller-coaster of nerves and excitement as I prepare for a whirlwind trip and once in a lifetime adventure. Two of my globetrotting girlfriends and I will be taking on India at full speed. Unfortunately, we only have a limited amount of time there, so we are choosing to spend it primarily in the North exploring the Golden Triangle. Because India is such a vast and diverse country with many regions and areas to explore, we want to focus on smaller portions to truly enjoy the experience and embrace all that this incredible country has to offer.

So why India?

As stated earlier, I have been thinking about traveling to India for quite some time now. Trip after trip I become more absorbed in my travels and invested in the people and their ways of life. India is an alluring idea that taunts the curious traveler in me. Surrounding myself in a culture so rich and experiencing traditions so prevalent would be the most enriching opportunity I could gift myself.  One of the many reasons I fell so deeply in love with traveling was because of the people and the culture. I live to witness and experience these priceless moments, which is one of the many reasons why I chose to visit India out of my (lengthy) list of countries to travel to.

India was always a place I wanted to visit but never thought it was the right time to do so just yet. Each time the idea popped into my head, it would be shut down by someone warning me of the negative publicity and horrors the media portrays about India.  I will admit, this was (and still is) intimidating. As a young woman who endorses solo travel and loves the idea of doing so, I was discouraged hearing this and would often second guess myself.

However, after extensive research and preparation, knowledge from previous years of traveling, and a bit of a personal pep talk, I realized that there will never be a “right time” for me to go to India. Although some of these horrors are unfortunately true, it is unfair to judge an entire country and its people off of this. You can only be prepared for a trip by so much until you end up exhausting yourself or putting the inevitable off. That being said, I am diving headfirst into anything and everything related to India over the next few weeks to prepare for this new and exciting adventure!

Choosing North India over South India

My two friends and I each did personal research on where in India we wanted to spend our short time together. From beaches in Goa to Tiger Safaris in Bandavgarh, India offers a plethora of culturally stimulating experiences. However, after a few discussions over Happy Hour, we ultimately decided to stick with the traditional experience: The Golden Triangle. There are so many other parts of the country we would love to see, but unfortunately, we don’t have enough time to do everything in one trip. The three of us learned to embrace the art of slow-travel on our own terms and decided on a more relaxing trip to India, visiting three main cities and spending a thorough amount of time in each. What good would our trip be if we were exhausted and simply visited cities to take a few pictures instead of truly enjoying the trip? We opt for experiences over anything else. You know what they say, quality over quantity!

That being said, in the next few weeks approaching my departure, I will be publishing an array of travel related articles revolving around traveling to India. I also collaborated with a special guest poster who agreed to share her plethora of knowledge on this beautiful country with my blog! Stay tuned for a detailed description of my travel clinic visit, posts on taking preventative measures towards mosquito born illnesses, my struggle in trying to find something culturally appropriate to wear yet comfortable in the sweltering heat, and more.

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