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Hello and Welcome to Out of Office Org! I am pleased to meet you! My name is Megan and I am a cube-bound world traveler, defying Corporate America’s limited vacation policy one travel post at a time! My dream is to share the world with you, open the minds’ of others and show you how to make the most of life while working. Still interested? You can read more about my personal journey here or continue on about my site below.

thought-catalog-214785Out of Office Org emphasizes that it is possible to maintain a full-time job and travel, whether that be in an old-school cubical or free-lancing in a coffee shop or co-working
space.  Although I will continuously post about travel, Out of Office will serve as your go-to reference for additional frequented topics such as work-life integration, time management tricks, work-travel tips, and more.

andrew-neel-237802As a millennial working in Corporate America, I strive to focus my site on Work-Life Integration, which I find vastly different from Work-Life Balance. While Work-Life Balance subconsciously insinuates a competition between managing work among your Personal Life, Work-Life Integration implies that the two co-exist together, creating synergies between various aspects of life such as work, personal, health, etc.

That being said, Out of Office Org is focused on supporting Work-Life Integration by sharing personal journeys and tips in adopting this lifestyle and challenging the status quo on how we work today. Now I understand this lifestyle might not be for everyone, but if you are remotely interested in a journey to pursue a travel infused working lifestyle, please join me!

Nonetheless, whether you have come to my site for travel advice or work-life integration tips, I give you the warmest welcome and hope you enjoy your time here!

Questions or Comments? Comment below or reach out personally on my Contact page.

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